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"You've found the perfect person. Let me help you with the perfect ring."

"You've found the perfect person. Let me help you with the perfect ring." Choosing a jeweller you can trust is possibly the most important decision you need to make when it comes to selecting your engagement and wedding rings.

It is often the case that when you walk into a jewellery store, you are working with a salesperson.  

I offer you the chance to work one-on-one with me. As an experienced jeweller. 

 I provide expert advice and take the time to explain everything I can about the properties of diamonds and other Gems and precious metals, leaving you with a clear understanding and complete confidence regarding your purchase.

Everything is fully handmade, so very unique to you the buyer

I use only the highest quality materials to make your ring by hand, using superior traditional forging methods (no use of computer-aided design or casting).

I have no "collections" but I do have some pre-made rings - each ring is designed by me and is a 1 off fully handmade design.

My passion for making jewellery started after I was badly beaten up in England  WHERE I was in a Coma for 2 years I have to spend 5  years in hospital where I had to learn to walk and talk as I had a massive stroke that lead to me being a hemplegic on the right side 

my uncle flew over from South Africa and over the next 5 years he spent teaching me the craft of cutting and polishing opals and other Gems.

for the next 4 years I gain invaluable experience in the art of traditional jewellery making. and my strength started to come back slowly in my body even thou I underwent 20 operation on my arms and legswhere I became a robot with metal holding my arms together

My passion for creating beautiful pieces of jewellery continues today and I consider myself extremely fortunate to do what I love - creating beautiful, custom made jewellery, by hand.



Beautiful  14k white gold heavy coated onto solid 925 silver off set with AAAA Columba emeralds and white topaz

cost $980.00 cost to you $679


Jewellery is the best ornament to make a woman happy and beautiful. Most of the women like collecting different pieces of jewellery from time to time. 

Not only women buy jewellery on their own, most of the time they get presents which add meaning to the value of these things.

With the passion of jewellery around the world, the business of jewellery making has also been very popular in every country. 

Making jewellery is a very keen task as it involves the materials such as gold and silver and other gems like pearls and diamonds which make it a tough job.

Jewellery- an ornament that adds in the beauty of women, no matter it is a necklace, a ring or a small bracelet; it is loved and fancied by a woman of all ages. 

Because of this love of women for this jewellery, the business of selling it is flourishing everywhere in the world. 

With every piece being handmade, it starts it life as an Idea.

That Idea is then set down onto paper.

That paper then leads to being designed, the design then takes place, by using moulds and plaster, the plaster is then formed into the shape of the design that we draw onto the paper. 

The plaster is then made into the designed and then kilned, after firing we then set the designed with the hand sourced gems, and these are then hand set and facetted into the design, that later is polished and examined, 

1 piece can take several months to create so that why everything is unique to the buyers who buy off us, as everything is a 1 off 



Great handmade 1 off design 14k yellow gold heavy coated onto solid 925 silver with AAA tanzanite Gems off set with White Sapphires cost $790.00 Manu factor price to you $390.00

My Blog

We cut as a wash and go style

Trimming Hair, Wet or Dry?

Whether it's better to cut your hair wet or dry can depend on several factors.  Thinner, straighter hair with a blunt edge can usually be trimmed easily when it's wet.  Just keep in mind that wet hair is longer, so you'll need to adjust for any "shrinkage" when the hair dries.  This is particularly true if cutting blunt bangs.  Leave them about an inch longer than you'd like and see where they sit when they're dry.  It's always better to go back and trim a bit more than it is to have bangs that are too short.

If your hair is thick, coarse or textured, you might have better luck with a dry cut.  Because your hair can have different levels of porosity or wave/curl, it will look very different dry than it does wet.  A small cut on wet hair can result in a very uneven section when your hair dries.  Though you won't have to worry about any shrinkage with dry hair, you may still not get a perfectly straight cut.  As you know, your hair falls slightly differently every day, so what looks fantastic on the day you trim, might be a touch off on the next day.  As with wet hair, it's always best to leave your hair a bit longer than you'd like it.  Then you'll have room to touch up any uneven parts.

Dry cutting is a friend to people with curly and wavy hair.

Anyone with temperamental ringlets or waves knows that exactly where you slice and dice can make a big difference in whether you like the end result – and it can be harder to tell where the curls are going to lie when your hair is soaking wet, . Cutting while the curls are doing their thing means your stylist can pick and choose where to cut so that they lie atop one another just right.

It can get you in and out of the salon faster.

Ever notice how, after you have a traditional, wet hair cut and your stylist has dried your hair she often has to go back over it again with the scissors, trimming here and there? Doing it dry to begin with eliminates most of this second-round work,

it can be gentler on fragile, thinning hair. 

Wet hair is more fragile and elastic (especially if over processed or fine), and can be prone to snapping while it's being combed over and over during a wet cut, You're likely to shed fewer strands during the whole process if you have a dry cut, notes Labrecque, which is important for people with thinning hair or who are concerned about breakage

It's like working on a sculpture -- you're curving it, you're cutting it and in the end you have the most amazing shape in front of you."

Generate excitement

Want something Different then come and chat to us, We strive at being abnormal, in the way we create styles to suit you, We look at your eyes, your face, your breast if a woman, and then your shoulders. Then we stand back and look at the whole picture, before we start to create a cut. Once the scissors are picked up you are then fully informed, at every slice and shown how the hair will fall, As previous clients say On WORD OF MOUTH Phillip is a master He cut weird but it falls wonderful when finished

Close the deal


we will never sell you products if you don't need it, At Phillip Michaels everyone is treated the same. There no false faces here, yOU GET VALUE FOR YOU $ as when you leave us we can not spell S  ccess 

                                                                                     with out          U

Why not meet and have an old fashion cuppa and then Try us

About the Man himself



Phillip Michael’s was born in London, 19/11/1960 He 1st became Famous Working For Mark at Atelia 249 Finchley Road as a Junior, but the fame came from his ability on his dry cuts, which he achieved with his unique tapering techniques. H also imperfect chignons and straighter than straight hair, looks still popular today. Everything was done with setting rollers and blow dry He further expanded his name when working with a dear friend in Cricklewood Broadway at Katrina’s he open his first Workshop (salon) in Walthamstow E17 in 1991. He later open up shop no2 at HYANIS NEW ENGLAND he open his 3rd salon called tenner a cut in Finchley road England

I was his junior, the experience was like no other I had ever had. But I left him in 1992. One day he told me to help “I want you to take my Creative Evenings on Wednesday night, I want my staff to do things they don’t get a chance to do during the day, I need them to understand My colours and my cutting as hair cannot be cut straight as it doesn’t grow straight then he came up with the words that got me back, “I want you to be my Ambassadress,” he said. “What’s that?” I asked. He replied,” I don’t know but it sounds good.” When we both stopped laughing, I said, “OK, send me a card with the name printed on it.”  He did, grey, silver embossed. So he got me back.

I went on from there and started doing his PR but he had weird ideas about PR, like I should never instigate any requests, he wanted everyone to come to us. I ended up also formulating an education program for him, and at one time, even supervising the Tuesday night cutting and colouring classes, as well as the Wednesday night creative classes. So in 2004 the colour Ying Yang was born, It was Funny Phillip had a cold so he poured ½ bottle of brandy into his coffee and then went up to colour Princess Marlote hair, I was worried because the brandy was working on him, but he explain to HRH AND SHE FOUND IT FUNNY and so go for it.

We all watched as he mixed 5 different bowls of tint then no foils no cap he just went for it section after section, he moved so fast none of us watching could see or understand what he was doing, we all said Phillip it’s going to bleed into each colour, he stood back and said this is a birth of a new colouring method, that only I can create, After 40 minutes he himself washed HRH HAIR AND THEN cut and styled it, we all stand there as he blow dried it 

Shock Horror it was wonderful every colour was in shape no regrowth and it look so wonderful everyone cried Phillip then said next step the natural light in the street, in the sun light it was wow and everyone clapped. That how Phillip Michael’s was born.

Phillip functioned from the heart and vowed to treat his ladies like roses. No matter how famous his client was, whether a housewife or how old, he did, looking into the mirror all the time, to make sure their hair suited them from every angle, often flirting as only he could and offering his last lady of the day a glass of a good champagne, in a great champagne flute, from the collection he kept with his shampoos and in his staff room ‘fridge.

Phillip is now in Parramatta In Phillip Street and he still is the same old person, offering his clients a service that royalty gets, everyone gets an English pot of tea with side Goodies and every hair cut is thought about talked about then created no cuts are every the same with him, as he believes everyone is different and a haircut should be like having a tailored suit made, it needs to fit your head, it needs to be a best cut ever that other people will look at and ask where you had your hair done, as you are a live walking board and an ambassador for the salon.

We Listen to what you are saying

At Phillip Michaels We

Pay attention: By Giving are client undivided attention will ensure the client feels valued by us and we give them a sense of security as. They will feel that we are both on the same page in terms of the style or colour they are looking for and what they are trying to convey to us, which help build a long term client relationship. At Phillip Michael's We give our client  undivided attention we do not book other clients around you, you receive a full 90 minutes set aside for you only. So please be 5 minutes earlier than your appointed time so we can do a full consultation with you. 

Late comers will limit the time we set aside for you, which will result in us not being able to do your full service, so you might have to have a junior finish you off

Cancellation Policy



Your appointments are very important to Phillip Michaels,and are reserved especially for you. We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least 24-hours notice for cancellations or changes.

Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services.

Our appointments are confirmed 48-hours in advance because we know how easy it is to forget an appointment. Since the services are reserved for you personally, a cancellation fee will apply.

· Less than 24-hours’ notice will result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount.

· 'No Shows' will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount.

Thank you for understanding.


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PLASE NOTE WE CAN NOT ALLOW CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 15 INTO THE SALON,  having your hair done, is some of the most relaxing time you can spend in a week (or month, for that matter). The special pampering break is dedicated specifically to you—no disruptions or stress involved So please no children, think of the other clients, and you yourself need to relax and enjoy the new you

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